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Job Vacancy

Posted by on October 24, 2010 at 8:02 pm

Categories: FairyGothMother, Lulu and Lush, News

Vacancy: Seamstress / Dressmaker / Machinist

We are a small, successful and growing UK fashion company.

This growth now means we require a person to assist with special short run productions for our In-House Label ‘Lulu and Lush‘. This will be on an ad hoc basis at our North London Design Studio.

The job:

  • Cutting fabric using our graded patterns.
  • Making up of garments.
  • Checking and ensuring that all garments meet desired specification.

The job requires speed, accuracy and attention to detail. With the emphasis on producing garments of the highest quality. Ideally you will have experience of working with the following;

  • Industrial Machines
  • Silk, Stretch, Bridal, Evening and Lingerie fabrics
  • Lingerie / Corsetry (Busks, bones, eyelets)

We are seeking to fill this role quickly and interviews will be taking place before the end of November.

Benefits: Staff discount.

If you are interested in this role, please send us an email applying, together with a CV, to donna@luluanlush.com

Win @luluandlush

Posted by on October 18, 2010 at 10:13 am

Categories: FairyGothMother, Lulu and Lush, News

Like to win your ideal piece fom us?

All you need to do is a simple tweet before the end of October to be in with a chance of winning your own choice from FairyGothMother / Lulu and Lush! 

Details of the competition and how to enter can be found here.

Don’t yet follow us on Twitter? Why not? We have regular special offers and prizes there, find us @luluandlush (https://twitter.com/luluandlush)

What’s in a Waist?

Posted by on October 15, 2010 at 3:46 pm

Categories: Corsets, Designers, FairyGothMother, Lulu and Lush, Miss Katie, Puimond, Revanche de la Femme, Valkyrie Corsets

What goes into a well-made corset?

Finding a corset to buy online is as easy as finding a pair of fishnets at a burlesque club – they’re everywhere. Finding a good quality corset on the other hand, now that can be a challenge! There are lots of places selling ‘authentic corsets’ or ‘training corsets’ that really don’t match up to their titles. At FairyGothMother you know you’re in good hands, so let’s take a look under the corset at what makes them such good quality and which one will suit your needs.

Here at FairyGothMother you’ll find a large and very extensive range including FairyGothMother’s own Lulu & Lush collection, as well as corsets by a few other choice designers. There are a number of tell tale signs of quality that they all have in common:

Steel boning is probably the most important factor in a corset. Cheap corsets often have plastic bones which never last long nor support the body properly; making them very uncomfortable in comparison to sprung or spiral steel. A plastic bone will bend when you sit, leaving a kink, which will remain forever. After only a few wears you’ll find a plastic boned corset will look misshapen and possibly have a few snapped bones. This will virtually never happen with steel.

Lining Fabric is almost equally as important in a corset. Especially if it is to last a long time, keep its shape and cinch the waist properly. Otherwise it’s not a corset! Its just an imitation and won’t give you that beautiful corseted waistline you’ve been drooling over (yes we’ve seen you). All corsets on the FairyGothMother site are properly lined for strength and comfort, this gives the garment a tremendous amount of strength and allows for robust wearing. All off the peg corsets are lined with strong cotton which allows the skin to breath, and all bespoke corsets are lined with coutil which is a specially designed corsetry fabric made from cotton but with a tight weave and robust threads to resist stretching. Perfect for creating that tiny waistline.

The Waist Tape is often completely left out in inferior corsets, which is such a shame as it makes a dramatic difference to the silhouette of a corseted figure. The waist tape or waist band is a strip of extremely strong ribbon or twill tape which runs around the smallest part of the waist giving support where it is most needed and adding a little extra pull to the waist curve. All of FairyGothMother’s corsets come with a proper waist band, no exceptions!

The Busk and Eyelets (sometimes called grommets) on a corset are important to check for quality. If a corset has no busk it will likely tear at the front closure point, corsets that don’t open at the front obviously won’t have a busk but steer well clear of hook and eye closing corsets! The eyelets on poorly made corsets are normally very inadequately supported; they should have steel boning either side. Eyelets without will often pop out, sometimes ripping the fabric as they do so. Alternatively corsets can have lacing bones, bones with the holes for lacing pre drilled. At FairyGothMother you can happily select a corset knowing that you can lace as tight as you need without damage to your corset (or you for that matter).

Aside from the above, all Lulu & Lush corsets are made using spiral steel boning with sprung steels for added support around the busk at front and the eyelets at back. The number of bones varies between designs but there will always be a bare minimum of 20 in any corset. As for their other designers – Puimond and Miss Katie are two designers who use a larger number of bones. Other designers include: Valkyrie Corsets, RDLF and Eternal Spirits Corsetry.

So now you know what your looking for in your perfect corset why not browse by designer or try the bestsellers corsets page for a good range of special and everyday corsets, or the specialist corsets page if you’re a more advanced wearer looking for a more dramatic shape to your waist.

Written by Kirsty Sapsford from Corset Dress .co


Job Vacancy

Posted by on October 11, 2010 at 3:52 pm

Categories: FairyGothMother, Lulu and Lush, News

Vacancy: Order Handler

We are a small, successful and growing UK fashion company.

This growth now means we have a requirement for a responsible person to process the shipment of orders to our customers. Sited at our north London studio, the hours would be part-time 11am-2:30pm Monday -Thursday each week.

The job:

  • Picking of stock for customer orders
  • Packing orders ready for Royal Mail collection
  • Processing returns
  • Updating our Order system as appropriate

The job requires good computer skills and good communication skills. We are seeking to fill this role quickly and interviews will be taking place before the end of November.

Benefits: Staff discount.

If you are interested in this role, please send us an email applying, together with a CV, to info at fairygothmother.co.uk

Make A Statement – 5 Corset Styles For Your Winter Wardrobe

Posted by on October 10, 2010 at 6:44 pm

Categories: Accessories, Burlesque, FairyGothMother, Lulu and Lush

So it’s winter , out with the woollies and away with the frillies right? Well, no actually! Before you don that jumper and resign yourself to a winter of frump, you’d better read on…

This season’s big trend is underwear as outerwear, thanks to the catwalk creations of Jean Paul Gaultier amongst others, the corset is hotting up our winter wardrobe! And being a two layered garment its surprisingly warm too! So throw down those frumpy jumpies and take a look at these winter statement ensembles from the FairyGothMother range:

Classic n Classy

Think ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’ and you have the essence of this look in a nut shell; this deep plunge corset in black satin is both provocative and classy. Teamed with this black satin fit and flare skirt and beautiful ornate burlesque beaded necklace your bound to turn heads at the poshest of parties. Team it up with a furry shrug and a pair of FairyGothMother’s black satinopera gloves and your good to go even if it snows!

Where 2 wear: Dinner parties, cocktail parties and anywhere really posh!


Girly Ballerina

Imagine ballerinas crossed with Madonna singing ‘Santa Baby’ in her alternating pink and white dresses back in the 80s. This look epitomises everything girly and feminine! This long-line super curvy satin corset is available in pink, white and red amongst other colours; so whether you’re going for ballerina, snow princess or Mrs Claus this is perfect for the Christmas ball or saucy Xmas office party! Team it with this cream white tulle skirt and floaty gypsy top for a truly feminine party outfit. Add a big furry white coat to arrive in true snow queen style!

Where 2 wear: The Christmas ball/office party, the prom, girls night out.


Punk Rock Princess

Pink not in your vocab? Try this look for a more ‘tough girl’ image – wear this pinstripe and red satin underbust over your fave skinny band T with this pleated pinstripe and black skirt. Top it off with a cute mini top hat with fish net vale for a truly glam-punk-rock look.

Where 2 wear: Rock nights at the local, goth clubs, rock music gigs.


Casual Chic

Want an everyday ensemble? This is right up your street – for wandering down the high street. Think Parisian shopping; watching light snow drop softly on the Eiffel tower through the window of a cosy French café. Chic and stylish this feminine ‘Stella Paris’ dress with its full skirt and 50s Eiffel tower print, coupled with this mid-length white satin underbust (which also comes in rose print), makes for the perfect girl about town outfit. Complete the look by adding this 50s vintage style pinup necklace to your corset dress ensemble and your ready to hit the shops and cafés in style!

Where 2 wear: The Christmas ball/office party, the prom, girls night out.


Glam Goth

For those of you a little more ‘wild at heart’ than the rest, here’s a look that’ll conjure up images of the Moulin Rouge, the bright lights of Chicago and the darkness of Dita Von Tease’s ex boyfriend! Yes the goth look is a classic that has been redone countless times. Our reincarnation adds a touch of glamour with this exquisite sequined red and black overbust, featuring detachable sheer sleeves. We’ve teamed this beauty with the very versatile ‘Chicago’ burlesque skirt, which has adjustable ribbon ties to show varying degrees of leg! Don these Ophelia seamed Stockings by Kiss Me Deadly and your dressed to kill, or wound if your feeling merciful.

Where 2 wear: Burlesque evenings, goth clubs, the theatre, anywhere dark and mysterious!

The above post was guest written by Kirsty Sapsford from Corset Dress.co.

Our Lingerie Winter Survival Guide

Posted by on October 6, 2010 at 1:30 pm

Categories: Ayten Gasson, Burlesque, FairyGothMother, Lace, Lingerie, Lulu and Lush, Nightwear, Silk

As Winter draws in and we spend more time inside, turn up the heating and remember that lingerie isn’t only for the bedroom. Here are our top ten items we think you need to survive this winter!

1. Its the party season, so don your maid’s uniform and put up those decorations!

2. Nothing says winter like a hot chocolate with marshmallows. So curl up in a beautiful baby doll and enjoy a cup.

3. Too cold to go out? Put your bloomers on and spend the night watching girly films.

4. Soon the radio will be filled with Christmas carols so dance around the house in a pair of frilly knickers.

5. Remember, remember the Fifth of November by watching fireworks from the warmth of your home wrapped up in one of our lovely kimonos.

6. Curl up in a teddy with your favourite book.

7. Distract your opponents by wearing a silk chemise to win those all important board games.

8. Winter is known for its heart warming meals like casserole and Sunday roasts, so heat up the kitchen up even more cooking in a cute bralet and knickers .

9. Practice your Halloween party cocktails in a long girdle and stockings, we recommend trying a Vampire’s Elixir.

10. Why not serve up some freshly baked cookies in a delightful apron.
So as the cold months draw in don’t despair, just turn the heating up and …!