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Lulu and Lush Boutique Christmas 2010 Opening Times

Posted by on November 25, 2010 at 12:27 am

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Up to 23rd December, 2010, opening times will be as normal. Between then and 2nd January 2011, we will have reduced opening times.

New Opening Times for the Lulu and Lush Boutique

Posted by on at 12:12 am

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Our opening hours for the Lulu and Lush boutique are now…

  • 11 – 6pm Tuesday – Friday
  • 11 – 5pm Saturday – Sunday

If you have not yet visited us, fuller details about our boutique, including directions how to find us, can be found here.

A Corset Wearer’s Guide

Posted by on November 22, 2010 at 4:15 pm

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A well fitting corset is as important as a well fitting pair of shoes. Like a poorly fitting pair of shoes, a poorly fitting corset is uncomfortable, rubs and chafes and will leave you never wanting to wear it again! So we decided to put together our guide to help make sure you end up with a corset you want to wear again, and again, and again.

There are 3 main different types of corset which are:

Under-bust – This type finishes anywhere under the bust leaving the breasts exposed. These can then be covered with a top, bra or nipple pasties.
Over-bust – Which runs from the hips up and over the bust. Giving support and coverage for the breasts.
Waist-cincher – This is either an unboned wide belt or it can be boned like a corset. Unlike corsets which narrow from hip to ribs, the waist cincher is 6-8 inches wide and sits on the waist area specifically.

The shape of your body influences the shape of corset you will find comfortable. Choices include Straight, Sweetheart, Plunge and the Scoop neckline. So this is something else you must consider. A Straight neckline is recommended for someone with smaller breasts, and for those bustier ladies we suggest a Plunge neckline. For those who are an A-B cup Under-bust corsets over a top may work best. A Sweetheart is better for somebody with a medium – larger bust, this style fits a wide range of body shapes.

A-C cup – if you want a little boost in the bust department, try these beauties…
Most corsets have a front opening busk as this makes them easier to get on and off without help. Some corsets do however just have the back laced up, this is common in bridal corsets where beading and fine finishes are required. With no busk, you need to loosen the lacing as much as possible and then step into the corset or have someone lower it over your head. As this is a little more difficult than front opening corsets we recommend you have someone to help you do it up (we can understand the need for dressing maids in days gone by!)
When looking at what size corset to try, you should try one around 4 inches smaller than your natural waist measurements. Ladies with waists above 34 inch should have a size 5-6 inches smaller. The chart below is a guide to choosing the corset size. The dress size is a general approximation and you should size primarily based on your waist size.
Natural Waist
(measure the smallest part of your waist)
Corset Size Approximate UK Dress Size
22 inch (55cm) 18 inch 6
24 inch (60cm) 20 inch 8
26 inch (65cm) 22 inch 10
28 inch (70cm) 24 inch 12
30 inch (75cm) 26 inch 14
32 inch (80cm) 28 inch 16
34 inch (85cm) 28″/30 inch 18
36 inch (90cm) 30 inch 20
38 inch (95cm) 32 inch 22
40 inch (100cm) 34 inch 24
42 inch (105cm) 36 inch 26
44 inch (110cm) 38 inch 28
If you have an odd-number sized waist, for example, if you have a 29 inch waist instead of going down 4 inches you would go down 5 inches to a 24 inch corset. If you like things a little looser try going down 3 inches and go for a 26 inch corset.
C-E cup – for a stunning hour glass
shape we recommend these corsets…

As busks come in different lengths it’s important when trying on a corset that you sit down in it as the body shrinks slightly when you sit. The busk will dig into your pubic bone if it is too long, making it uncomfortable to sit for any length of time.

A well fitting corset should sit comfortably against your skin without leaving boning channel indentations. Although a corset is pulling your waist in, you should feel comfortable and supported, like receiving a hug.




D-FF cup – we suggest this lovely taffeta corset for larger busted ladies as it has specially cut panels for more room and support.

For those more daring try a plunge neckline…


D-G cup – for curves in all the right places try these saucy numbers!




We also offer a bespoke corset making service, so let your imagination run wild for a corset that’s completely you!
So whatever your shape or size there’s a corset out there for you! Why not come into our Lulu and Lush boutique in London and discover it!

Limited time Special Offer

Posted by on November 17, 2010 at 3:20 pm

Categories: Events, FairyGothMother, Lulu and Lush, News, Special Offers

As the party season hots up and with it our Lulu and Lush boutique is getting super busy, we know many of you will be attending this year’s Erotica Exhibition in London. So…

We aren’t having a stand this year as we have been very focused on the new collection and lots of exciting new things for the New Year. So to make up for the disappointment of not seeing us there, we do have a special offer for you!

Between now and midnight on Sunday the 21st November, we are offering all our lovely customers 20% off * their purchases if they quote “Erotica“.

And you don’t need to be in London, or even in the UK, we are offering this discount in BOTH our London Lulu and Lush boutique and online at our website (just quote Erotica in the comments section at checkout and we will deduct your discount manually before we charge or Paypal you).

* Discount is not valid for purchases of our Gift vouchers, or Sale/Clearance Items.

Shirts for the office or under your corset?

Posted by on November 14, 2010 at 9:39 pm

Categories: Corsets, Cotton, FairyGothMother, Lulu and Lush, Shirts / Tops

Available in black or white, we spotted these fabulous shirts at London Fashion week. In stretch cotton they combine perfect tailoring with contemporary finishing. The oversized frilled are wired so you can mould them to sit flat or create a more vamp look. They look great on their own with a pencil skirt and a wide belt, or of course, with an underbust corset.

The sheer shirt takes the look into eveningwear, and the sheer top is simple enough to wear with anything.

The underbust corset in all images is our fgm-500