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It’s Prom Time! And here’s a last minute offer!

Posted by on June 28, 2011 at 5:44 pm

Categories: Dresses, Events, Prom, Special Offers

We’ve dropped the price of three of our very popular Prom dresses to show that Prom time doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds of pounds for something rather special!

Save £90 on this gorgeous polka dot strapless bodice dress
Save £100 on this sequinned prom dress Sequinned prom dress with saving of £100

Weddings, Royal Ascot and Summer Parties – lacing up for the season’s events!

Posted by on June 15, 2011 at 1:15 am

Categories: Accessories, Ayten Gasson, Bridal, Christmas, Corsets, Events, FairyGothMother, Kiss Me Deadly, Lulu and Lush, News, video

We like to chat with our customers, so we tend to know what people are buying for. Obviously, in November and December it’s Christmas parties, and in February it’s Valentines (in January it’s in despair), so what happens in the Summer months? Weddings, apparently! Also Ascot, and slightly drizzly barbeques . . . we can’t help with the barbeques, but for everything else, we firmly believe there’s a suitable corset. So one Bank Holiday Monday we assembled at the shop to demonstrate some of them, aided by the lovely Annette.

The easiest way to make a corset outfit suitable for the Summer months is to pick a pastel shade. Obviously, it would be risky to go for white or ivory if it’s a wedding you are thinking of, but this pale pink outfit (above) is light without causing drama – always remember not to have a bigger train than the bride! The minute floral sprigs on the corset add a clear seasonal air to the outfit, and as it is cotton lined, and the skirt is silk, the fabrics are light and airy. The relatively demure cut of the corset means you won’t worry the ministers delicate sensibilities, but if you are worried about the bare shoulders and decolletage, add a shrug, stole or scarf to cover up. As with many corsets, this really doesn’t need any jewellery, but a clutch and perhaps a small fascinator would be sensible for the day.


This outfit is easily recognisable as a Dior-esque, New Look silhouette – always a classic for a glamorous event, or anything with a retro theme. The bold florals on the corset (above) bring the seasonal element but are strongly hued enough to manage being paired with black without losing their impact. A halter neck gives the impression of modesty, whilst the full circle skirt over a petticoat will have you twirling with enthusiasm!



If you are going to an event with fans of the 40′s and 50′s, wear the above with seamed hosiery and classic heels. For a more contemporary look – perhaps for a daytime wedding – try bare legs or sheer, skin toned hosiery, and perhapsa more modern heel that picks up on a colour in the corset.



This is the same skirt, this time styled for Ascot! This outfit means you can enter the Royal Enclosure – here in the UK there are some interesting rule about being near royalty, and the end result is modest necklines and big hats. For the Royal Enclosure, you must be wearing shoulder straps of not less than one inch, and you must have a hat, or a “substantial fascinator”. We’re not entirely sure which this is – somewhere in between perhaps!



This outfit (above)is very classic, almost red carpet with the hair down, with a trained skirt and bold contrast panelling, but with the red and black colourway would be bit much for the average daytime Summer Wedding. For the evening though, its a fairly simple and stylish option. Again, if the bare shoulders would upset a more conservative audience, a cover up is always a useful option. One of our ex-staff members is addressing a large group of bankers next week, and will be adding a fairly extensive shrug to her corset outfit!



Alternatively, for a more cocktail party look, pair a pencil skirt with a paler colour of corset. If you wanted to make this more daytime, lose the black hosiery, and add a hair flower. In this case, we kept the skirt in a nice quality of cotton, which is great for warmer times, and tones down the overall level of formality.



Last, but not least, two outfits that are great if you’re off to an evening party and really love your lingerie! A high waisted skirt is a fantastic addition to your wardrobe if you have a slight addiction to lingerie that’s so good you want to show it off. On the left, we’ve paired a Cadolle high waisted satin shapewear skirt (which has a beautiful corset-laced effect back) with an Ayten Gasson silk teddy. Ayten’s styles are perfect for a fun, flirty show and are perfectly respectable over a bra and under a skirt. Her laid back frills both complement and contrast with the sleeker skirt that would look more formal with other styles, and she often shoots her styles in a Summer garden setting.

On the right, we’ve put a Kiss Me Deadly bra with a high waisted cotton skirt and a waterfall style chiffon shrug – as you can see, a shrug really does make an outfit look very different, and with a detailed midi or longline bra and no skin showing, it simply looks like an unusual dress. With the feathers ( is this substantial enough?) and the black and red colour scheme, this would be great for a glamorous evening party – or perhaps a show or dinner club.

Of course, many of you have no doubt done this better than us by now – so why not send in your pictures? Just send them in to us…corsets @ luluandlush.com

We’d Love To See You!

Posted by on June 7, 2011 at 9:41 am

Categories: Accessories, Bespoke Corsets, Bridal, Burlesque, Celebrities, Christmas, Coats, Corsets, Cotton, Couture, Designers, Dresses, Events, FairyGothMother, Lace, Lingerie, Lulu and Lush, News, Nightwear, Prom, Satin, Shirts / Tops, Silk, Swimwear, Valentines

There’s nothing nicer than opening an email from one of our customers and finding they have attached an image of themselves wearing their FairyGothMother / Lulu and Lush outfit.

Some of you may already be aware of our Customer Gallery, but if you are not, why not take a look? We’ve images from customers showing all sorts of outfits, from their pride and joy corset, to their prom outfit, their wedding day ensembles or just having fun all dressed up!

With prom time swiftly approaching, festivals, graduation days and that summer wedding, why not send us an image(s) of yourself in your FairyGothMother / Lulu and Lush finery as we’d love to see. Please send your images to corsets at luluandlush dot com and we’ll add you to our growing Gallery.