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Corset Fittings and Ordering Your Corset in our London Corset Shop

Posted by on April 9, 2014 at 4:31 pm

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1. The first step to finding your perfect corset is making an appointment to view them and try some on . It is possible to order them online but you will have far more choices if you are able to visit. If you can’t get in to see us then we have a How to Choose your Corset. Deep plunge overbust corset with delicate black French lace overlay
Stunningly gorgeous and popular luxurious overbust corset in a basque style, with a specialist concealed zip, steel boning, modesty panel and back lacing 2. When you come in you will be properly measured and fitted with corsets that suit your body shape and size. We keep a range of shapes and styles in stock for you to try and this is when you can view the fabric swatches and decide on extra options such as straps or matching items like skirts and jackets. (It is also possible to select an off-the-peg option). Payment is due with the order and delivery takes anything from 6-16 weeks depending on the chosen options.
Black taffeta overbust corset with wide collar and lush red ribbon detailing Stunningly gorgeous and popular luxurious overbust corset in a basque style, with a specialist concealed zip, steel boning, modesty panel and back lacing
3. Once the corset, or corset ensemble, comes into stock we will phone and let you know. If you are local, this is the time to come in with the correct shoes, etc.

If you live further away you may prefer to have your new corset shipped direct to you.

Luxurious Bridal corset with sweetheart neckline ( to suit most busts ) and lush lace trims. Finished with delicate flowers and tiny string of mini sequins

Christmas Corsets – how to choose.

Posted by on October 22, 2013 at 11:28 pm

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We hear you say, “It’s only October. Really? We have to talk about Christmas already?”. Well it is only a little over 8 weeks until Christmas and as many of our lovely corsets are made to order, we need at least 6 weeks in most cases, so you need to be looking very soon if you need something for that stocking.

Corset Types…


Long line underbust corset

These can be longline, as above, that is one that finishes under the bust and cover the hips. They work really well under garments to smooth out all those lumps and bumps and are especially popular under bridal or eveningwear. Shown here in ivory, they are available in a range of colours and fabric to suit the garment you have in mind.

Short mesh underbust corset with satin bone channels.

Or corsets can be shorter, covering less of the middle. They can be worn under garments to cinch the wait, or as above over garments in place of a belt.


Long line straight top steel boned overbust corset in luxury satin with matching satin halter ties.

Overbusts also come in longer and short styles, see our more detailed how to choose a corset article on how to choose.

Remember we need to time to create your special Christmas corset, book a fitting appointment soon or email for further details.

Left it too late? We keep a large range of black corsets in under and overbust styles in stock all year round, and a selection of ready to buy corsets in one-off fabrics/colours ready to take home.

What’s in a Waist?

Posted by on October 15, 2010 at 3:46 pm

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What goes into a well-made corset?

Finding a corset to buy online is as easy as finding a pair of fishnets at a burlesque club – they’re everywhere. Finding a good quality corset on the other hand, now that can be a challenge! There are lots of places selling ‘authentic corsets’ or ‘training corsets’ that really don’t match up to their titles. At FairyGothMother you know you’re in good hands, so let’s take a look under the corset at what makes them such good quality and which one will suit your needs.

Here at FairyGothMother you’ll find a large and very extensive range including FairyGothMother’s own Lulu & Lush collection, as well as corsets by a few other choice designers. There are a number of tell tale signs of quality that they all have in common:

Steel boning is probably the most important factor in a corset. Cheap corsets often have plastic bones which never last long nor support the body properly; making them very uncomfortable in comparison to sprung or spiral steel. A plastic bone will bend when you sit, leaving a kink, which will remain forever. After only a few wears you’ll find a plastic boned corset will look misshapen and possibly have a few snapped bones. This will virtually never happen with steel.

Lining Fabric is almost equally as important in a corset. Especially if it is to last a long time, keep its shape and cinch the waist properly. Otherwise it’s not a corset! Its just an imitation and won’t give you that beautiful corseted waistline you’ve been drooling over (yes we’ve seen you). All corsets on the FairyGothMother site are properly lined for strength and comfort, this gives the garment a tremendous amount of strength and allows for robust wearing. All off the peg corsets are lined with strong cotton which allows the skin to breath, and all bespoke corsets are lined with coutil which is a specially designed corsetry fabric made from cotton but with a tight weave and robust threads to resist stretching. Perfect for creating that tiny waistline.

The Waist Tape is often completely left out in inferior corsets, which is such a shame as it makes a dramatic difference to the silhouette of a corseted figure. The waist tape or waist band is a strip of extremely strong ribbon or twill tape which runs around the smallest part of the waist giving support where it is most needed and adding a little extra pull to the waist curve. All of FairyGothMother’s corsets come with a proper waist band, no exceptions!

The Busk and Eyelets (sometimes called grommets) on a corset are important to check for quality. If a corset has no busk it will likely tear at the front closure point, corsets that don’t open at the front obviously won’t have a busk but steer well clear of hook and eye closing corsets! The eyelets on poorly made corsets are normally very inadequately supported; they should have steel boning either side. Eyelets without will often pop out, sometimes ripping the fabric as they do so. Alternatively corsets can have lacing bones, bones with the holes for lacing pre drilled. At FairyGothMother you can happily select a corset knowing that you can lace as tight as you need without damage to your corset (or you for that matter).

Aside from the above, all Lulu & Lush corsets are made using spiral steel boning with sprung steels for added support around the busk at front and the eyelets at back. The number of bones varies between designs but there will always be a bare minimum of 20 in any corset. As for their other designers – Puimond and Miss Katie are two designers who use a larger number of bones. Other designers include: Valkyrie Corsets, RDLF and Eternal Spirits Corsetry.

So now you know what your looking for in your perfect corset why not browse by designer or try the bestsellers corsets page for a good range of special and everyday corsets, or the specialist corsets page if you’re a more advanced wearer looking for a more dramatic shape to your waist.

Written by Kirsty Sapsford from Corset Dress .co


Lovely summery gingham, and our feature on ITV1′s ‘This Morning’

Posted by on June 21, 2010 at 11:39 pm

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If you were watching the ‘Flattering Lingerie’ feature on This Morning on ITV last Tuesday, you may have spotted one of the latest additions to our ever-expanding lingerie range, the ‘Katie’ balconette bra and boy short set by Miss Mandalay.Especially designed for larger busts (30D to 36G), the Katie bra provides great support without compromising the aesthetic, and features light padding to retain shape, baby pink bows and playful ruffles, whilst the matching boy short flatters curves.

From ITV1: “A new study has found that…a staggering 73% of women are embarrassed by their wobbly bits when they strip off in the bedroom. Our style guru Jason Gardiner shows us the best underwear available on the high street for all those voluptuous areas of big boobs, small boobs, bellies and bums.” Click here to watch our ‘This Morning’ feature in full, on the ITV1 website.

Smaller busted ladies, fear not – we have comfortable cotton lingerie for you too! Perfect for the summer are the Hello Sailor and Polka set by Love Baby Grand. Hand-made in the UK, the soft-cup Polka set is available in red cotton flecked with white polka dots, whilst the Hello Sailor bandeau bra with halter tie is made in blue and white nautical stripes, with frills and contrast red bows.


Black gingham Katie balconette bra and boyshort set by Miss Mandalay Blue and white Hello Sailor bandeau halter bra and brief set by Love Baby Grand Red Polka dot soft cup bra and brief by Love Baby Grand
Black gingham Katie D+ balconette bra and boyshort set by Miss Mandalay. 30D-36GG. Bra £42, brief £25. Blue and white striped Hello Sailor bandeau halter bra and frilled brief set by Love Baby Grand. S/M/L. £69 for the set. Red and white Polka bandeau halter bra and frilled brief set by Love Baby Grand S/M/L. £69 for the set.


Checked fabrics are hot this spring (thanks to Christopher Kane’s S/S 2010 collection, featured here in Vogue) and if you put a burlesque spin on the current trend, try our baby pink gingham overbust corset. Team with a full white tulle skirt to go out or white frilly knickers to stay in, unless you’re feeling daring!  Accessorise with the best-selling Donna bustle by Lulu and Lush, which now comes in red gingham and looks fabulous with a white corset and satin opera gloves.


Baby pink gingham overbust corset and white frilly knickers by Lulu and Lush Red and white gingham Donna bustle by Lulu and Lush and white corset by RDLF
Baby pink and white gingham overbust corset with pink trim, 20″-32″, £99. White frilly knickers, S-L, £14. Red and gingham Donna bustle by Lulu and Lush S-M/L-XL, £35. White corset by RDLF, 18″-40″, £215.


Valkyrie Corsets have taken gingham a step further by combining baby pink checks with a delicate rose print. Trimmed with ruffles in fine white lace, this longline underbust is the perfect way to dress up a light chemise. The corset is also available in mint green polka dot cotton, with white lacy frills which match perfectly with Lulu and Lush white frilly knickers.


Pink gingham and rose underbust with white frills by Valkyrie Corsets, chemise by Axfords Mint green polka dot underbust with white frills by Valkyrie Corsets, frilly knickers by Lulu and Lush Pink gingham and rose underbust with white frills by Valkyrie Corsets, chemise by Axfords, back
Pink gingham and rose underbust with white frills by Valkyrie Corsets, 18″-32″, £195. pink chemise and petticoat by Axfords S/M and M/L. Chemise £28, petticoat £38. Mint green and white polka dot underbust with white frills by Valkyrie Corsets, 18″-32″, £195. Lulu and Lush white frilly knickers, S/M/L, £14. White full length opera gloves, £18. Pink gingham and rose underbust with white frills by Valkyrie Corsets, 18″-32″, £195. pink chemise and petticoat by Axfords S/M and M/L. Chemise £28, petticoat £38.


It’s not only gingham which has got us excited this week… We’re finally launching our Lulu and Lush ‘Alice in Wonderland’ collection (which we’ve previewed exclusively here on the blog, at the Corset & Diamonds event featuring Chrys Columbine’s a amazing Alice in Wonderland piano/burlesque routine and on the catwalk at Old Spitalfields Market Fashion Week), so check back later in the week for more details!