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Last Minute Valentine?

Posted by on February 13, 2013 at 11:10 pm

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It’s never too late to give your loved one a FairyGothMother gift voucher. Order one online by clicking on the image above. We email the voucher to you to give, or we can email to your love. We can also add a short message to personalise the voucher.

We’d Love To See You!

Posted by on June 7, 2011 at 9:41 am

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There’s nothing nicer than opening an email from one of our customers and finding they have attached an image of themselves wearing their FairyGothMother / Lulu and Lush outfit.

Some of you may already be aware of our Customer Gallery, but if you are not, why not take a look? We’ve images from customers showing all sorts of outfits, from their pride and joy corset, to their prom outfit, their wedding day ensembles or just having fun all dressed up!

With prom time swiftly approaching, festivals, graduation days and that summer wedding, why not send us an image(s) of yourself in your FairyGothMother / Lulu and Lush finery as we’d love to see. Please send your images to corsets at luluandlush dot com and we’ll add you to our growing Gallery.

Valentines Limericks

Posted by on February 8, 2011 at 6:42 pm

Categories: Accessories, Corsets, FairyGothMother, Kiss Me Deadly, Lingerie, Lulu and Lush, Valentines

So, after visiting the Kiss Me Deadly stand at the Paris trade show, Sam asked me if we’d do a special feature window in the Lulu and Lush boutique for Valentines. If you go and look now it’s all black, white and red, with feathers (Morgana is banned from the shop for two weeks, due to an unfortunate feather allergy), dark red roses, poems and glittering diamonds. Well, ok, not real diamonds, that would be silly. But I promise they are very sparkly.

Anyway; much as we enjoy handling the series of deeply confused looking men coming into the shop, the rush of returns shortly after is so much less fun. Plus, I’m never one for taking things too seriously, and I truly loathe those soppy poems that come in cards. So if you look a bit more closely at those poems, they’re actually limericks. Yes, this year, we’re doing our gift guide with limericks, and we want you to join in!

After careful scientific research, otherwise known as asking people on Facebook, we’ve established several key problems areas that men face buying for women at Valentines.


There was a man tried to get the size right
Of a bra to wear valentines night
His lover caught him snooping,
Her language needed blooping,
And their relationship suffered a blight!

I have, on occasion, suggested that the best way to make sure the size is right, is not to walk into a shop, and say that your girlfriend is the same size as several of the staff members (all of whom are completely different sizes), but to look at the labels on what she already owns. Sadly, that can come across as a bit stalkerish; so maybe stick to only doing that for women you know really, really well. And live with.

Otherwise, here are a few key pointers:

Do not get something custom made without getting her measurements. You can’t return custom made items and if you get it wrong it will make your life very difficult.
The bras size is the most difficult thing, so if you can’t figure it out, stick to the more easily guess at Small- Extra large sized items, like suspender belts, teddies, and bralets.
For corsets, you’ll need to know whether they are used to them. A brand new corset wearer is much less likely to be able to take one that’s 6 inches smaller than their waist!

One size garments, on the other hand, are generally a dreadful idea. They generally don’t really fit anyone terribly well.

There was a young man from Hedley
Bought his wife gifts from Kiss Me Deadly
But when trying for fit,
She said this won’t work a bit,
A voucher would have had him blushing less redly!

If you get really stuck, get a voucher, a really beautiful card, and something nice that doesn’t need a size – jewellery, for example.

Colour and style

Is Valentines really the time to start introducing your lover to something completely new, whether that be crotchless knickers or low cost sex toys? No. As with all gifts, it should be something about their tastes, not yours. So think about what they normally wear, and don’t go on a massive diversion. A minor tangent, maybe.

A man buying gifts for valentine
Can find themselves stepping on a land-mine
Avoid neon pink,
Or she’ll kick up a stink,
With her wardrobe you should be in line!

There was a fad for neon pink lingerie on the high street last year. It lasted about a month. If she didn’t buy one then, chances are high that she doesn’t want one. I exclude Barbie fanatics, certain types of club goers, and my little pony enthusiast women from this.

Red is a vexed issue. Bright red, which tends to be orange toned, seems to be something lots of men love. Lots of women don’t agree. So there are several shades of red in the window at the moment, and none of them are at the orange end of the spectrum.

Remember always to think,
Not all girls like to wear pink.
You may think sex means red,
But you could find yourself cut dead
So don’t just pick for your kink!

Last but not least . . . unless you do something very clever for a very sophisticated sense of humour, the chances of a comedy lingerie gift being appreciated if its the only or main part of your gift are pretty much zero. That’s because it looks like a daft, flyaway gesture without any effort put in.

There was a young man from Tunney
Thought Valentines gifts should be funny
His lover disagreed,
So now he is freed,
He really should have just spent more money!

Now for the fun bit. We want to test your writing skills, so:

Write your own valentines limerick
Post it on the net somewhere with a link back to here.
Comment on this post with a link to your limerick on our Facebook.

We’ll put the best in the window, and the very best will win a full set of the Kiss Me Deadly Red Jolie set plus the matching Lulu and Lush underbust corset. Anyone who writes one that makes me snort with laughter, I’ll probably send you a voucher.

If you want them in the window, try and keep it clean. Or you know, only just a little bit grubby.

Announcing Our Latest Collection

Posted by on January 11, 2011 at 10:56 am

Categories: Designers, Events, FairyGothMother, Lingerie, Lulu and Lush, News, Silk, Valentines

Lulu and Lush New Collection

Our New Selene Collection from Thursday 13th January, 2011.

New Mimi Holliday Bra sets

Posted by on February 3, 2009 at 10:01 pm

Categories: Burlesque, Lingerie, Valentines

We are very excited with this season’s Mimi Holliday delivery, which has just arrived in store. As usual the Mimi Holliday collection features classic balcony bras and beautiful fabrics, all pure silk. Popular sizes always sell out quickly, so gets yours while you still can.

Mimi Holliday silk Tullem bra set  Mimi Holliday silk Pearl bra set in pale pink with eye lash lace

See the whole collection here http://www.fairygothmother.co.uk/mimi_holliday_lingerie.htm

Valentine’s Ideas…

Posted by on January 29, 2009 at 6:40 pm

Categories: Corsets, FairyGothMother, Lingerie, Lulu and Lush, Silk, Valentines

Valentine’s day is only a couple of weeks away now, so girls it’s time to drop those hints! Our boutique is brimming with lingerie so delicious it’s practically edible, and as we send all our items gift-wrapped, we hope we can make buying a Valentine’s present for that special someone just that little bit easier for you!

We have many items in stock ranging all the way from frilly knickers to ornate corsetry depending on your mood, style and budget. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

underbust corsetsRed and white polkadot corset and petticoatRed bustier

Our underbust corsets are a sure-fire winner as they are suitable for any shape and bust size, and are available in traditional Valentine’s colours as well as, well, any colour under the sun, really! For something a little more playful, how about our red and white polkadot corset? We have all sizes of this corset in stock at the moment, available for delivery before February 14th. If that’s all a bit much and you’d prefer something fun and sexy that won’t break the bank, how about a bustier? Reduced to only £35 at the moment, and matched with a pair of frilly knickers comes to under £50 for a complete outfit.

We do understand that red can get a little clichéd around Valentine’s though, so we’ve put together a few more slightly less traditional, but still very sexy ideas for the sophisticated lady in your life…

Lush Hollywood Gownpure silk apronPurple nightdress

Bring some Hollywood glamour into the bedroom with the exquisite full length satin gown with devoire panels and matching robe which is beautiful in every way, or go for something a little more cheeky but made of pure silk, like our Audrey Hepburn-inspired maid’s outfit. Or how about this stunning 1940s purple floor-length silk satin night dress?

For more ideas, have a look at our Valentine’s page, and don’t forget that the last posting day for Valentine’s delivery in the UK is February 13th, as we send all our items via Special Delivery. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to check we have an item in stock!

x x x

Last few days to grab a bargain!

Posted by on January 26, 2009 at 10:29 pm

Categories: Burlesque, Corsets, Designers, Dresses, FairyGothMother, Lingerie, News, Valentines

The FairyGothMother and Lulu and Lush Sale ends midnight GMT on Saturday the 31st January

Don’t miss out! Our Sale with up to 50% off selected lines including dresses, lingerie and of course, corsets must end on Saturday the 31st January at midnight GMT.

All items available online now, and in our Lulu and Lush shop in Spitalfields, London. The shop is open from 11am to 6pm Tuesday to Friday and 11am-5pm Saturday and Sunday.

FairyGothMother® and Lulu and Lush® are registered trademarks of FGM UK Ltd.

FairyGothMother / Lulu and Lush Sale

Posted by on December 30, 2008 at 4:01 pm

Categories: Corsets, Dresses, FairyGothMother, Lingerie, Lulu and Lush, News, Valentines

The FairyGothMother and Lulu and Lush Sale starts today

Our Sale has just started with up to 50% off selected lines including dresses, lingerie and of course, corsets. But hurry, stocks are limited!

All items available online now and in our Old Spitalfields shop, which is open from 11am Friday January the 2nd.

Happy New Year 2008

Posted by on January 28, 2008 at 10:40 am

Categories: Dresses, Kiss Me Deadly, Lingerie, News, Silk, Valentines

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Here at FairyGothMother we’ve been busy updating the site with lots of delicious new items. Be sure to check out the New Items, and the Lingerie. More is coming in the next few days/weeks, watch this space.

Right: New to FairyGothMother for 2008 is Modern Courtesan, a luxury silk label, perfect for Valentines.


See also Kiss Me Deadly‘s new collection, including the lush Sirena set shown to the left.